Professional IPv4 Space Rent

We'll give you high-performace servers, a lightning-fast network, and aggressively competitve pricing. No matter what your business profile is, our offer is flexible and we can meet any type of client expectation, adding extra value. Maximum stability and individual dedication only for you!

Rent IPv4 Range /22 NOW

* We have sufficient IPv4 ranges available for (new) long term clients.
* RIPE /22 range rental.
* Minimum contract period 2 month.

Lease IPv6 Range /48

RIPE /48 range rental, 256 x/56, 65K x/64

Sponsoring LIR

At Stevan Solutions you can apply for a "Sponsoring LIR" or "Independent number resource assignment" via one of our LIR account(s) at RIPE.

Managed ASN

A managed solution where an ASN is announced and managed by us on our network.


Existing clients are able to have a sponsoring of an Autonomous System Number (ASN). For this service we need two (2) upstream providers (AS numbers) and some extra information.

Our mission - IP Address Lease

You can benefit from clean IP addresses, with transparent information. You’ll know exactly what you’re paying for because we know how important it is to get value for your money. Looking for a specific region? You hit the jackpot as our IPv4 space is available for the following regions: ARIN, RIPE, APNIC and Legacy.

Registration and maintenance

Check out our available plans and choose the one for you! You’ll get no surprises from us, like price increases or hidden fees. StevanServer can guarantee full transparency and 100% loyalty. We are your best partner!