Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers is one of the many services we offer to our loyal customers. StevanServer is firmly committed to serving our customers and will never oversell any of the services that we offer. Every Dedicated Servers we offer includes full root access, enabling you to run whatever you wish whenever you want to.

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You don’t have to trade flexibility for performance in the cloud. Our new hourly metal servers let you select a configuration that best fits your needs, choose where you want it. No noisy neighbors. The power your workload demands, only paying when you need it.

Best performance: The dedicated components and guaranteed resources of all serverloft RootServers are designed for demanding applications. We use only brand name hardware, as with all of our servers. Maximum flexibility: Your RootServer is available to you within minutes after your order, and with no setup fee. In addition, with a few clicks in your customer panel, you can upgrade to a different RootServer at any time. Also, thanks to the short minimum contract term of only one month, as well as a traffic flat rate, you are always in control of your costs.

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