Monetize IPv4 Assets

Discover The Financial & Operational Advantages For IP Brokers. IPv4 assets have become a tradeable commodity with monetization opportunities for IP Address brokers and the customers they represent.

Rent IPv4 Range /22 NOW

* We have sufficient IPv4 ranges available for (new) long term clients.
* RIPE /22 range rental.
* Minimum contract period 2 month.

Lease IPv6 Range /48

RIPE /48 range rental, 256 x/56, 65K x/64

Sponsoring LIR

At Stevan Solutions you can apply for a "Sponsoring LIR" or "Independent number resource assignment" via one of our LIR account(s) at RIPE.

Managed ASN

A managed solution where an ASN is announced and managed by us on our network.


Existing clients are able to have a sponsoring of an Autonomous System Number (ASN). For this service we need two (2) upstream providers (AS numbers) and some extra information.

IPv4 as Strategic Assets

Because of their growing value, handling your client’s Ipv4 addresses requires acute asset management. The delay in IPv6 adoption means that IPv4 has a longer-term value than previously imagined and increasingly is of unprecedented and unique significance to organizations wishing to grow their global presence.

Custom Pricing & Stock Control

At StevanServer, we understand that sometimes the IP Broker nor the client they are retained by can find the right pricing or time window that fits into their short term operational plan and, in turn, their longer-term strategic program.

Registration and maintenance

Lease IP address - Registration and maintenance of an independent IP address space.
We have been helping customers in a variety of industries for 5+ years with IPv4 leases and are the best choice when it comes to IPv4 leasing. A no-nonsense approach, quick turnaround time and a long-standing reputation in the community ensures your IPv4 lease requests are dealt with quickly, professionally and with the peace of mind that a solid business is handling your IPv4 leases.
You may also own spare IPs and might be considering allowing others to lease IP address blocks from you. This can be very financially rewarding and we can handle all aspects of the rental from start to finish for you.