Buy, Sell & Lease APNIC IPv4 Address

APNIC members can transfer IPv4 addresses amongst themselves, and also to and from members of RIPE and ARIN. The first inter-regional transfer in the world took place in 2012. Transfer charges levied by APNIC are high, equaling 20% of the transferring party’s annual membership fees.

Rent IPv4 Range /22 NOW

* We have sufficient IPv4 ranges available for (new) long term clients.
* RIPE /22 range rental.
* Minimum contract period 2 month.

Lease IPv6 Range /48

RIPE /48 range rental, 256 x/56, 65K x/64

Sponsoring LIR

At Stevan Solutions you can apply for a "Sponsoring LIR" or "Independent number resource assignment" via one of our LIR account(s) at RIPE.

Managed ASN

A managed solution where an ASN is announced and managed by us on our network.


Existing clients are able to have a sponsoring of an Autonomous System Number (ASN). For this service we need two (2) upstream providers (AS numbers) and some extra information.

Our mission - IP Address Lease

APNIC’s National Internet Registry (NIR) community commonly enforces different transfer policies. When an inter-regional transfer gets processed to one of these, ARIN or another RIR interfaces with APNIC, following which the latter interfaces with its own NIR. APNIC does not stipulate a minimum time before “flipping” address blocks, which means buying and selling can happen fairly close in timing.

Registration and maintenance

APNIC’s services are aimed primarily at those who operate in the transfer market, and include pre-approving transfers for buyers, listing out buyers and sellers, and publishing the list of brokers who have gained approval through signing a Deed of Covenant with them. A transfer of IP addresses is basically when a legal entity moves them to another entity. This is not the same as when a legal entity effects a name change. If your business structure is changed by an acquisition, merger, or reorganization, the original membership agreement with APNIC may become null and void. Sometimes, the organization taking control may have to be registered in order to retain and manage the AS numbers and IP addresses. They would need this or another APNIC account to move numbers. APNIC updates the records to reflect any changes made in this area.