Lease IPv4 for the Best Available Price

Stevan as LIR (Local Internet Registry - bg.stevan) represents you before RIPE when registering IPs and autonomous systems. We know that our ranges are 100% clean and not being used for proxies, sneakers, email, etc. You can convert the ranges over to residential, which gives them longevity and allows you to keep them longer than a traditional data center. It's a win-win for everyone. We'll fill forms to the 4 DB's (IP2location, IPINFO, DBIP, MAXMIND) to update the GEO's as well. Our IPs are not blocked for any of these websites:,,,,,,,,, We have separate solutions for (sneaker) proxy suppliers. You can start with a 2 month pre-payment, then can go month to month from there.

Rent IPv4 Range /22 NOW

* We have sufficient IPv4 ranges available for (new) long term clients.
* RIPE /22 range rental.
* Minimum contract period 2 month.

Lease IPv6 Range /48

RIPE /48 range rental, 256 x/56, 65K x/64

Sponsoring LIR

At Stevan Solutions you can apply for a "Sponsoring LIR" or "Independent number resource assignment" via one of our LIR account(s) at RIPE.

Managed ASN

A managed solution where an ASN is announced and managed by us on our network.


Existing clients are able to have a sponsoring of an Autonomous System Number (ASN). For this service we need two (2) upstream providers (AS numbers) and some extra information.

Our mission - IP Address Lease

Our mission is to provide IP Address Lease to all those who need it, and in particular: Clients who need IP addresses independent from their ISPs without the costly and cumbersome process of becoming an LIR.
Clients who need relatively few IPv4 addresses and thus the cost of obtaining IP addressing and RIPE LIR membership are unjustified for them Geo-location Geo-location per client specification; Submission to MaxMind included Blacklist Free Guarantee that our IP ranges are not blacklisted; We take abuse complaints seriously Reverse DNS Delegation Reverse DNS (revdns) zone delegation to your organisation's DNS servers. Alternatively host on our DNS servers. LoA Letter of Authorisation (LoA) for the duration of the contract if your upstream ISPs require one.

IPv4 resources leasing

We provide the Provider Independent (PI), Provider Aggregatable (PA) blocks of IP and autonomous system (AS) registration services for our clients. OUR BENEFITS OF REGISTRATION OF IP ADDRESSES AND AUTONOMOUS SYSTEM (AS): We work with companies from all countries from the RIPE region. Flexible payment system (you can pay by wire transfer, Western Union, Paypal, etc.)

Autonomous System Number Registration and Maintenance - states to RIPE NCC, represents them, and provides the Customer with an independent ASN resource. In case of an existing ASN, it is credited to the Stevan line as a responsible LIR before the RIPE NCC.

Registration and maintenance

Lease IP address - Registration and maintenance of an independent IP address space.
We have been helping customers in a variety of industries for 5+ years with IPv4 leases and are the best choice when it comes to IPv4 leasing. A no-nonsense approach, quick turnaround time and a long-standing reputation in the community ensures your IPv4 lease requests are dealt with quickly, professionally and with the peace of mind that a solid business is handling your IPv4 leases.
You may also own spare IPs and might be considering allowing others to lease IP address blocks from you. This can be very financially rewarding and we can handle all aspects of the rental from start to finish for you.