Managed Dedicated Servers

Providing your mission-critical applications with a custom network architecture is at the forefront of the entire Heficed ‘one-stop’ solution platform that includes full API access, pay-per-use facilities, load balancing, and an incredibly swift deployment window.

Order dedicated server

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing flexibility and value for money, StevanServer’s colocation services offer not just full server racks but also half (partial rack rental) in all of our data centers. Requirements vary from client to client and, of course, tend to develop throughout business lifecycles, so adaptability is key. Whether it be half a rack or multiple racks, we provide cost-effective scalability with 24/7 virtual and physical security and support options.

Blended Network Solutions

We are future-proofing our ability to accommodate the changing landscape of increasingly complex data traffic management by eliminating our single network architecture offering and focusing instead on providing blended network solutions. The result is that our network infrastructure grants access to many upstream network architectures, with the added advantage to our clients that the whole service is on a single cost basis with cross-network SLA’s in place.

Servers from StevanServer